The Addiction of Ularn

Ularn created by Phil Cordier -- based on Larn by Noah Morgan
Updated by:
Josh Brandt (
Josh Bressers (

Phil Cordier's original Ularn and his spoiler guide to the unique magic items in the game can be found here.

Thanks to the work of David Richerby, Ularn has been updated to 1.5ishPL3! Bug fixes, cleaner code, and a new weapon!

You can get the current sources from the SourceForge Project page here.

Anyone who is capable of making a stand-alone binary distribution for Win32 is welcome to do so.

Send me mail if you have questions, comments, patches, or complaints.

If you have a PalmOS device, check out the Roguelikes for PalmOS page at SourceForge. They have a really great PalmOS version of iLarn. Recommended!

Larn Fun Fact: I've made it to 9th level by killing nothing but lemmings.

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